#25 Realistic Nutrition Tips with Megan Ostler

Realistic Nutrition Tips

This week’s episode I’m chatting with Megan Ostler @meganjanesplate all about realistic nutrition tips. We talked about how to make positive changes without restricting, what we are doing that gives food too much power, and how to focus on factors other than numbers as we are making changes. 

Takeaways from this episode:

  • Why you should add to the diet, instead of taking away
  • How demonizing food affects you and your goals
  • How to make nutrition goals while maintaining a positive relationship with food
  • Metrics you should focus on that are not the scal

About Megan Ostler

Figure out how to make nutrition goals while continuing to enjoy foods you love without goals.

Megan Ostler is the Director of Nutrition for iFit. She is a Registered Dietitian with a master’s degree in Nutrition and Food Science from Utah State University. Before joining the iFit family, Megan worked as a clinical dietitian at McKay Dee hospital. Her lifelong passion for service, science, and food led her into nutrition, and she has been successfully helping patients, friends, clients, and coworkers ever since. 

At iFit, she works to develop prescriptive nutrition programs to support iFit users in their health goals. For these programs, she develops healthy recipes and balanced meal plans and nutrition supplements.

Megan currently resides in Cache Valley, Utah with her husband and three daughters.  When she’s not concocting new recipes, she treasures time with her family rock climbing, gardening, and skiing.

Get more from Megan here:

Blog: https://www.ifit.com/blog/category/nutrition

Instagram: @meganjanesplate

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