Bridget Kate

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Well I’ve been pretty much missing to the world since February 7 due to the arrival of our sweet, perfect, beautiful, baby girl!

BK 002

(*Note: Pinterest pictures of girls with perfect hair and makeup after delivering a baby are totally unrealistic. I was a sweaty, sobbing, but happy mess!)

She was 6 lbs 11 oz, 19.5 inches long, arrived 9 days early after only 4 hours of labor, 1 hour of which was spent speeding through sardine canyon, another hour in indescribable pain lamenting the fact that I hadn’t gotten to the hospital earlier because the nurses informed me that I was too far along to have an epidural, one hour of sweet relief when my doctor arrived and let me get the epidural even though I was dilated to an eight, and a half hour of pushing.

BK 009 BK 018

She surprised us by looking like her dad with dirty blonde/light brown hair, grey/blue eyes (that will probably change) and his facial features (particularly his mouth).  We all thought my Puerto Rican genes would trump but I guess that’s not the case.

BK 040 BK 038

We are so happy and totally exhausted.  Bringing a baby home from the hospital is probably the hardest thing I have ever done, aside from not bringing a baby home from the hospital.  Weird how life puts things into perspective for you.

BK 053 BK 052 BK 049

BK 065 BK 137

We are so in love with our little girl.  She is two weeks old and already showing us personality.  She’s a little feisty and a little stubborn, but she’s such an angel when she sleeps (usually a long stretch during the day that we wish she’d wake up for so she’d sleep more at night but she’s just too darling sleeping and cuddling to stir) that we can’t help but adore her!

BK 057

(First attempt at a newborn photoshoot…not a fan…)

BK 072 BK 082 BK 087BK 097

(Love the Afghan Bridget’s Great Grandma Elaine Crocheted, and a blanket my good friend Lindsay crocheted. Such generous and talented people who make great photo props! )

She’s growing WAY too fast already.  She’s already gained over a lb, an inch, and she’s not so cutesy cuddly anymore.  She loves to stretch her arms, legs, and even her fingers. She lifts up her head and even tries (unsuccessfully) to roll over.

BK 029  BK 098 BK 157

Her family is all in love with her (sorry to any family who I didn’t get pictures of yet…)

BK 129 BK 130 BK 134BK 135

Welcome to our family Bridget, we are so happy with you in our home!

BK 143 BK 150

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  1. I am happy you have take time to write this emotional moments at Breget arrival to our lives. I loved all you did it in your busy time being a full time mother. Love Raul and Yolanda zayas ( great parents) from Puerto Rico.

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