Easy Kid-Friendly Valentine’s Day Brunch Menu

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This Easy kid-friendly Valentine’s Day Brunch menu is a great way to show the whole family just how much you love them with a special breakfast. Kids of all ages will enjoy this extra special treat in the morning and you can save the evening for your sweetheart!

​I know valentine’s day can be a bit divisive, but I absolutely love tis holiday! I love getting the chance to shower all of my loved ones with a lot of love. 

One thing i’ve liked doing recently is make a special morning where I give out little valentines to each of the kids and i put together a cute valentine’s day breakfast! It’s an easy way and a fun way to celebrate and my kids think it is so much fun! 

Kid-Friendly Easy Valentine’s Day Brunch Menu

Because I’m always looking for more cute valentine’s day breakfast ideas I thought I would put together a little valentine’s day brunch menu complete with fun ideas so you can use these simple ways to connect with your family and loved ones on this fun holiday! 

Main Dish: High Protein Raspberry Cheesecake Stuffed French Toast 

High Protein Raspberry Cheesecake stuffed french toast stacked with fresh raspberries on top and a grey napkin

We have a local breakfast place here in our hometown where my kids love getting their raspberry cheesecake stuffed french toast. I wanted to try a twist on that this year because I knew my kids would think that was such a fun sweet treat on valentine’s day morning. 

Because my kids have to get through several hours of school I wanted to amp up the protein in recipe and adding a little protein powder and egg whites to the batter is the perfect way to do that. I also topped them with fresh berries for some festive color as well as a little added nutrition! I sprinkled powdered sugar on top and that was enough for us, but you could definitely make it even fancier and more indulgent with some whipped cream! Yum!

Download the full valentine’s day brunch menu below!


free pdf recipe book


Some other fun ideas for a main dish could be fun heart-shaped pancakes, or cinnamon rolls. The cinnamon rolls here have several ways to meal prep them so you odn’t have to be up at the crack of dawn cooking 😉 You could laso try heart shapeed waffles with a heart-shaped waffle maker like this one. 

Next we’ve got a drink and a side dish to go with the main dish for this fun valentine’s day breakfast! 

​Beverage: Healthier Pink Starburst Smoothie (Jamba Juice Copycat)

pink star smoothie with yellow straw and raspberries in front on granite backdrop with window behind

The first side dish is a take on the jamba juice pink star smoothie. The pink star has always been one of my favorite treats from jamba juice. Again, I didn’t want to take away from the iconic taste but I wanted this to be a somewhat healthy breakfast and wanted my kids to stay full so I made a few healthier swaps. 

The first thing I swapped out was the frozen yogurt for vanilla greek yogurt. Then I also added protein powder as well. It’s a fun twist to try this recipe at home and it tastes just like the real thing. It’s a great option for amping up the nutrtition and saving a little money. 

Some other drinks that would be fun would be strawberry milk or a fun pink colored brunch mocktail made with cranberry juice or pink lemonade. 

Okay for the last part of this easy valentine’s day breakfast we’ve got a tasty fruit salad made with all red berries. Combine fresh strawberries with fresh raspberries and a zesty passion fruit dressing and you’ll have yourself the perfect side dish for this special day. If you really want to go all out you can cut the strawberries into heart-shaped fruit. 

Side Dish: All Red Strawberry Raspberry fruit Salad with Passion Fruit Dressing

This fruit salad is soooo tasty and if your kids are anything like mine the fresh fruit is sure to be a huge hit. It’s a healthy treat to balance out the indulgence of the other dishes in this brunch menu. 

If you want to amp up the protein even more you could do heart-shaped eggs on the side. You could even use a herat cookie cutter to make some heart-shaped potatoes raosted in the air-fryer! 

Can I meal prep this valentine’s day brunch menu? 

There are a lot of things you can do to make these valentine’s day treats a little easier by meal prepping. You can definitely make the dressing for the fruit salad and the filling for the raspberry cheesecake french toast in advance. The rest of it comes together so quickly that you won’t even need to meal prep it, though technically you could even cook the french toast in advance and then heat it up in the toaster or air fryer. 

This valentine breakfast is sure to be such a fun meal for your loved ones. It may just be the best part of your little one’s days. I know it’s become a favorite way for me to connect with my kids over the holiday! 

Remember, you can get a pdf for all of the kid-friendly valentine’s day brunch menu recipes and a whole lot of  yumminess by signing up in the box below! 


free pdf recipe book


What about you? Do you like valentine’s day or think it’s overly commercialized? Do you have any fun valentine’s day traditions that you use with your kids? Let me know in the comments session! 

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