Meal planning and Meal Prep for road trips

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Road tripping with little ones can be stressful to the say the least.  If you’re a travel bug who now feels trapped at home because of the stresses of travelling with kids, my guest today will help you solve at least one giant piece of the puzzle, food.  Catherine’s got her best tips on the podcast today for meal planning and meal prep for road trips. 

Today I want to welcome my amazing guest, Catherine Ryan Gregory of to and fro fam. 

Catherine Ryan Gregory photo with text overlay how to meal plan and meal prep your family road trip

Catherine is a family travel expert, and let me tell you, she definitely taught me a thing or to about meal prep & planning and made me more excited to travel with my young kids in the future.

Catherine  shares travel hacks and kid-friendly destinations to de-stress family travel. She founded the family travel website To & Fro Fam and is the author of Virtual Travel Activities for Kids and Road Trip Games & Activities for Kids.

Inside this episode we are talking all about meal planning and meal prep for a road trip.  Catherine’s advice is real and gleaned from experience (she’s a mom of two young girls herself, and is managing not only pickiness in her kids but some food intolerances as well, so she knows a thing or two about food. 

Meal planning and meal prep for road trips

  • Inside this episode we talk about:
  • The real challenges facing families with young kids who WANT to travel, and actionable strategies to overcome these roadblocks.
  • Rocking cooler packing tips to ensure what you need is where you need it when you need it (bonus, your car won’t double as a gigantic trash can anymore either)
  • How you can manage family preferences, intolerances, and hunger while also getting to enjoy a blend of eating out and in for a seamless food experience.
  • How you can manage your time to have food ready when it’s needed without planning every single second of your vacation.
  • How you can meal prep a few things to make a world of difference in your vacation stress levels. 

This episode was so fun, and Catherine really knows her stuff! I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed chatting with her!

Hopefully vacations are right around the corner friends, until next week happy (vacation) planning! 

(a girl can dream, right?)

We know it's supposed to be fun, but do road trips just stress you out with young kids? Especially when you think about how you can keep them all fed?'s stressful! Travel bug moms won't want to miss this episode on how to meal prep for your road trip or meal plan for your road trip.

Meal planning and meal prep for road trips resources:

Cooler packing tips

Didn’t talk directly about this but would be helpful RE conversation on picky eaters

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