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#15 Mastering Meal Time Mindset with Ahuva Magder Hershkop

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I am so excited to be welcoming my first guest to the planned prepped and productive podcast!

Mastering Mealtime Mindset

Ahuva Magder Hershkop is a Registered Dietitian and online course creator. She runs a brick and mortar pediatric based nutrition practice in Toronto, and teaches moms online everywhere to change their expectations and mindset about family meal time.

Ahuva believes strongly in the power of a nourishing family meal, but believes providing that meal should only take so much out of us (a girl after my own heart!)

Ahuva and I connected on instagram a few months back, and I have loved following along with what she shares and had a great time interviewing her.

Learn to reframe your expectations about what a modern family meal looks like and find more peace in what you choose to feed your family

Inside this episode you’ll find:

  • The number one complaint most moms have about family meal time AND how you can overcome it
  • How to find more peace at mealtime
  • A dietitian’s perspective on how to deal with picky eating
  • What a balanced meal should look like and how you can reframe your mindset and expectations to fit a wide variety of successful familiy meals
  • How to re-define your meal time expectations and give yourself more grace.

If family meal time is overwhelming to you, this is absolutely the episode for you.

If you’d like to hear more from Ahuva find her in one of these spots!

Find Ahuva Magder Heshkop one of these places

On Instagram: @AhuvaRD

In her private facebook group: The busy mom’s guide to feeding your family

If you want stress-free meal times, the first step is a solid meal planning strategy. Learn more about transforming your meal times with the meal plan magic email mini course.

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