Creating Healthier Family Meals

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Let’s face it, family meal time can be stressful.  Throw in a pandemic and all of the other stress we face as moms today and it can feel impossible.  Get back into the swing of healthier family meals with mealtime expert Laura Fuentes

Insider Secrets to Healthier Family Meals

This week’s episode I’m chatting with Laura Fuentes all about creating healthier family meals. We talked about how you can logistically make cooking and meal prep happen, as well as how to handle those family members who aren’t so excited about eating the meal you made. 

family eating with text overlay insider secredts to healthier family meals

Takeaways from this episode:

  • How to get started making healthier family meals when you don’t know where to begin
  • What to do when your child refuses dinner
  • Why you shouldn’t feel guilty about putting your child to bed “hungry” and how to handle the emotions with your child. 

About Laura Fuentes

family eating with text overlay insider secredts to healthier family meals

Laura Fuentes is the creator of MOMables, where she’s helped thousands of families improve their health and wellness and create healthier family meals as a family with her Family KickStart Program and weekly meal plan.

She’s the Author of 5 Cookbooks, a successful entrepreneur, public speaker, spokesperson, makes regular television appearances like on TODAY and Good Morning America, has competed on Food Network and won! Her 100K + YouTube subscribers make her an “official YouTuber” according to her 9-year-old that is.

Laura is bilingual, born and raised in Spain, and currently lives outside of New Orleans with her husband and 3 kids. In her spare time, Laura reads, sleeps, and works out. What she loves most is taking her family on travel adventures.

Download a Free clean eating handbook that includes a sample weekly plan, a pantry and fridge list and tips to help you simplify your family’s meals week after week here.

You can find more about Laura on, on Instagram @LauraSFuentes and @MOMables.  You can also watch her on Youtube. 

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How to make dinner when you don’t want to 

Next week on the podcast we’ll chat about what things I’m buying instead of making in this busy season of my life.  Tune in for ideas! Happy Planning! 

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