Top 15 favorite high protein snacks from a mom and dietitian

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It seems like protein is all the rage these days, but what kinds of things can you snack on (that aren’t copious amounts of boiled chicken breast?)  Read on for my favorite high protein snacks!

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Hey all, welcome back!

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It seems like protein is quite the buzzword these days.  So let’s talk about it.

I’m going to show you all my favorite ways that I’m amping up the protein in my diet to support my weight training program.  We’ll also talk about how much protein you actually need, if you NEED more and the best ways to get it!

Let’s start out by talking about how much protein you actually need. 

It’s actually not a lot.  For most individuals .8 g/kg body weight is about the right amount.  To make this easier divide your body weight in half and aim for that much protein. 

Most people get this much protein no problem. 

But what if you ARE weight training regularly, well in that case, you might need more.  If you are weight training you need anywhere from 1.2-2 g protein/kg…I estimage about 1 g/lb of body weight. 

This is where getting enough gets tougher. 

You might be wondering, if I AM lifting weights, do I need to supplement protein (with bars, powders, etc…)

You may be surprised, but the answer is no, you can definitely get what you need from whole foods, but functional foods like protein powder and protein bars CAN make it easier, so I’m definitely not above using them on occasion. 

With that let’s jump into the high protein snacks I LOVE using to bump up my protein in the day!

Do I need to supplement (with protein bars, protein powder, etc…)

My favorite high protein snacks: 

Egg Whites (whipped egg whites)-I didn’t used to get egg whites, especially because recent research has shown that whole eggs in moderation can be a healthful part of the diet (despite prior research about cholesterol in eggs)…but I now find egg whites super useful.  I don’t love them plain, but I love to use them in scrambled eggs to amp up the protein!  Abbey from Abbey’s kitchen also introduced me to whipped egg white oatmeal which is also a great way to enjoy some high protein oatmeal. 

Ultra-filtered milk-Ultra filtered milk is cow’s milk that has gone through a filtration process.  Because of this it is higher in protein (score!) but it’s still 100% cow’s milk.  You may have seen it marketed as fairlife.  I love that by switching my milk out I’m easily able to up my protein intake throughout the day.  Use it for drinking if you are a milk drinker, or cooking/baking/protein shake making to increase your protein intake overall. 

Edamame-I prefer this straight out of the pod with salt.  Super easy snack because you can buy it frozen! 

Roasted Chickpeas 1/2 Cup contains 6 g protein, I can easily eat a cup in a sitting prepared this way! 

Greek Yogurt-Great for snacking on with nuts/fruit/oats/etc…or throwing into other things like smoothies and baked goods!

Protein Bars-The convenience of a protein bar can be hard to beat, I haven’t branched into all the kinds but have enjoyed the taste of Quest bars and built puffs (specifically the coconut brownie batter! yum!)

Protein Powder-Again, the convenience here is unmatched.  I do like to have control over how much added sugar/sugar alcohol I am using so I typically go with unflavored whey protein powder that I then flavor as I please! I enjoy in protein shakes, but also get creative by adding it to baked goods/pancakes, french toast batter, or even ice cream for a high protein milkshake!

Cottage Cheese-I’ve gotta be honest, cottage cheese is not my favorite flavor to eat plain…but I’m trying to get behind it because it’s super high in protein! If you like it, enjoying it with fruit is simple and easy….if your taste buds need to adjust try mixing it in a dinner recipe, making pancakes, or even a tasty dip, sweet or savory!

Jerky-Meat is already high in protein…jerky makes it a packable and convenient snack!

Canned Tuna-Fun fact, my lunch as a kid was potato chips dipped in tuna fish (or a tuna sandwich with chips on top) It may sound weird, but I still wouldn’t even turn it down today 😉

Peas-Peas are surpsingly high in protein, and not something you are constantly seeing on a list.  In fact, most vegetables are packing some protein so by adding them to your diet you’ll be getting more protein without loads of calories! 

Quinoa-I also feel like grains never make the list of high protein foods!  For the most protein you’ll want to choose less processed whole grains.  Quinoa is a great option, you can enjoy it sweet or savory (try this quinoa pudding)

Cheese Sticks-a cheese stick is so easy to eat as an afternoon pick me up or on the go snack

Chickepea pasta-Whole grain pasta packs a pretty good protein punch, but for even more protein go for a chickpea or lentil pasta

Skinny-dipped almonds-Really any nuts and most seeds are a great way to get a bit of protein (as well as healthy fats!!) throughout your day, but I love changing it up from plain nuts with skinny-dipped almonds.  They are lightly coated in flavoring, relatively low in sugar, and super delicious!

I hope this episode gave you some ideas for delicious high protein snacks that you can start eating today! 

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