25 Socially-Distanced Christmas Ideas

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In 2020 with Covid-19 raging, you may be feeling disappointed that you can’t do all of your normal Christmas traditions.  Here are 25 socially-distanced Christmas ideas that still bring the Christmas joy. 

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The past few weeks have really been a bummer.  Covid-19 has been rough but in the summer socially distanced fun was a lot more do-able with outside time, and with cases raging, and restrictions tightening again right around the holidays I know we definitely feel like we’re missing out. 

Sharing what we’ll be doing for Christmas this year that will keep us safe at home! 

I’m sharing 25 soccially-distanced Chrstimas ideas, but full disclosure, I fully expect that we will only do 12 of these activities.

…but we’ll still be starting it December 1. 


Does anyone else think 25 days of Christmas Activities is just a little too much to be realistic? 

We do! 

I also know that I’ll miss days so starting early is a must to even fit in 12 days

So 12 days of Christmas it is but split over 25 days, whenever we fit it in 🙂

25 Socially-Distanced Christmas ideas

  1. Christmas Money Drop Off-Check out the link for a clever way to drop off money
  2. Large tip at a restaurant, for your doordash driver, or  your grocery delivery person-
  3. 3 King’s Day-Puerto Rican holiday! Leave straw and carrots out for the 3 king’s camels and wait for them to bring you gifts
  4. Gingerbread Houses-Make them or buy them, either way is fun! 
  5. Christmas Cookies-We love using squeeze bottles to make this less messy and fun for kids!
  6. Drive-through Christmas Lights-If you’re local in Utah, try the Willard Bay Christmas lights for a safe, drive-through option! 
  7. Watch a Christmas Movie-
  8. Christmas Porridge-A swedish tradition! 
  9. Read-a-thon-try youtube for some book readings of holiday books you don’t have
  10. Hot Cocoa Bar
  11. Read Luke 2
  12. Eat a traditional meal of your country of heritage-we’re having a traditional Puerto Rican meal of Pernil and Arroz con gandules
  13. Make Teacher gifts
  14. Make mailmen gifts
  15. Service Exchange-Do this in your own home! Encourage your kids to come up with a service they would be good at and exchange as a family
  16. Make Christmas Cards
  17. Build a snowman
  18. Christmas Jammie sleepover
  19. Christmas Karaoke-Again, youtube is a great resource for free karaoke songs.  Put them on the big screen and sing your heart out! 
  20. Christmas scavenger hunt
  21. Take all your spare change to the salvation army
  22. Christmas giving tree
  23. Make your own ugly sweaters
  24. Do a Christmas Craft
  25. Do zoom christmas caroling

I hope these socially-distanced Christmas ideas have you a little more jazzed about the holidays in this strange time, but also here’s to throwing some huge freakin’ parties when this is all said and done right?

Wishing you the happiest holiday season!

Want to throw a simple make-ahead Christmas Brunch party for your family?  Check out this post (with a FREE printable guide with recipes) for a simple, mostly done-ahead Christmas Brunch menu to make your Christmas morning a little more special! 

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