Learning from Trials

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I’ve seen this video floating all over facebook and hope you’ll take a minute to watch it, it offered me a lot of hope and inspiration.  It was created by the mother of Emilie Parker who was among those children killed in the Sandy Hook shooting.  While I cannot relate to losing a child after having six years to love them, or to the pain of trying to find good in the world after someone intentionally took the life of their daughter, a lot of what this mother had to say really resonated with me.  I am very inspired by the healing this mother has experienced in the year since she lost her child.  I know it will always be painful, but she has chosen to reach out to others and chosen to see the good in the world.  She talks about the fact that evil did not win because of all of the good left in the world.  While our babies were not lost by any evil, I got to thinking that if I don’t let this experience change me, if I don’t grow to become a kinder, more empathetic, more service-oriented, and overall more Christlike person then my babies really are lost, and this difficult mortal world will “win” so to speak.  Although right now it’s still a challenge to even go through the day to day tasks of living like waking up and eating three meals a day, I hope that someday I can be like this mother.  That I can live in such a way that the spirits of those little babies who I love so much live through me and through my generosity and giving.  Though they didn’t come in the way I imagined those babies are among my greatest blessings.  I thank this mother for reminding me of that and for inspiring me to try to heal!

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