Bridget Kate 6 months

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My Goodness, I can’t believe that I have a 6 month old. 6 mo 040 FB

Probably  because she still sleeps like a newborn…and thus I feel like it’s been one eternal day since she was born. Okay, okay, it’s not that bad…in fact she seems to adjusting to our new apartment and she only wakes up twice.

6 mo 038 FB

…and I just try not remember that everyone says that babies can sleep through the night at 6 months…and then it’s not that bad…I guess.

6 mo 037 FB 6 mo 036 FB

Her cuteness makes up for it. Most of the time at least…although I can’t see her in the dark in the middle of the night…so sometimes it’s hard to remember…

6 mo 035 FB

She has been in a little tiny bit of a fussy funk lately, but the last few days seems to be getting out of it.  I guess cross-country moves make her grumpy.  I get that.  Oh hey everyone, we moved…across the country

6 mo 031 FB

and I love it here…I miss having friends, so we’ll have to remedy that situation soon, but I can’t believe I like being in a big city.  Strangely, it feels smaller in some ways than the small ish city we came from.  Mostly because it’s so big that there is space.  There are also like 50 of everything you could possibly need walmart, libraries, grocery stores, gas stations, so they aren’t so overcrowded…and there are more roads than “Main Street” making the roads less busy as well! It does have it’s downsides…like I think 5x the smoking population of any other state in the nation…which is fun with my little baby…but overall we’re happy!

6 mo 028 FB

 This might be my favorite picture that I have ever taken, ever.  There is no doubt who this little girl’s daddy is.  I mean, before she was born I wondered, but now I am positive! πŸ˜› This 6 month old is so much fun.  She is incredibly curious!  She wants whatever mom and dad have!

6 mo 027 FB

 …and whatever we have she wants in her mouth.  Lovely. 

6 mo 025 FB

She is a tease, she loves to get a reaction out of Mommy and Daddy.  She is all smiles at strangers.  She is a social butterfly and never cries when we take her out.  Which leads people to tell us what a wonderful baby she is…and we think she fooled you…but it’s okay…we love her anyway!

6 mo 019 FB

She wants so badly to be mobile and takes flying leaps out of our arms and straight ahead of her in sitting position which is kind of dangerous…She is still not so much of a mover, she occasionally rolls over from tummy to back, and is SO CLOSE to rolling from back to tummy…she’s like 3o degrees away and then rolls back to her back.  Stubborn silly girl. 

6 mo 018 FB 6 mo 009 FB 6 mo 008 FB

She just started eating!  She has had rice cereal, oat cereal, and avocados so far…(and a few other things we have snuck her from the kitchen table…hey, we’re human :))  She LOVES avocados…not such a fan of the rice cereal (who can blame her…who could eat that without sugar!?) She also likes the oatmeal.  I can’t wait to try fruit but am trying to give her a chance to like veggies. 

6 mo 006 FB


She is our blue-eyed sweetheart!

6 mo 005 FB

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