Bridget Kate 2 Months

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Bridget Kate 017

Started smiling consistently around 5 weeks, started smiling socially around 8 weeks

Can hold up head while being held in a sitting position on lap

Bridget Kate 2 months 035

Can occasionally roll to her side, but not all the way over

Only will lay on her left side which is causing a slightly misshapen head (ah…)

Still sleeps HORRIBLY at nights, although her naps are better and she has only woken up once on a few blessed nights!!

Bridget Kate 2 months 022

Had a rough fussy patch between 5-6 weeks, other than that is usually a complete joy and a very happy baby!

No longer likes to be held, would prefer to sit in her bouncy chair or lay on her back on the floor

Is a social butterfly, she usually cries if left in an empty room!

Bridget Kate 2 months 021

LOVES her pacifier! That thing is a blessed gift!

Usually falls asleep on her own in her bouncer with a pacifier, at night she’ll cuddle a little, but still often falls asleep on her own.

Bridget Kate 2 months 015

Loves to sleep in the car, in the moby wrap, bouncy chair, stroller, and occasionally the swing. Sleeps at night in her crib

She is discovering more language, has different whines,grunts, and coos in addition to crying

Bridget Kate 2 months 012

Weighs 12 lbs, almost double her birth weight! Wow!

Lets out short squeals of delight…we think she’ll be laughing before we know it

Bridget Kate 2 months 010

Screams bloody murder if she is hungry

LOVES getting her diaper change, and loves her changing table, she is all smiles on that thing!

Bridget KAte 2 months 009

Likes to be naked

Has started to like bathtime, it calms her right down!

Bridget Kate 2 months 005

Eyes are still DARK blue, we’ll see if they stay that way

Is Moody…can go from smiling to screaming and back to smiling within a few minutes!

Bridget Kate 2 months 002

Has found her hands and likes to suck on them, I often find her sucking her hands for comfort at night when I go in to get her

Man do we love this girl!

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