Family Rhythms 101: Improve productivity and find more peace

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Instead of feeling overwhelmed by a crazy to-do list, why not learn to take advantage of the family rhythms that you already have to perfect your days and find more peace and productivity. 

Family Rhythms 101: Improve productivity and find more peace

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Do you ever feel like you are drowning under your to-do list (please say you are raising your hand, because I know I am!)

How many of the things on your list are things that you actually find yourself doing time and time again.  

What if you started to lean-in to the family rhythms and routines you have to help you know what to expect and find time to do the other things on your to-do list? 

Well that’s what my guest Sarah Dalton of your simply big life has to share with us on this weeks episode of the podcast. 

Inside this episode on family rhythms you’ll find: 

  • The biggest problem facing individuals (especially moms) when it comes to finding productivity and feeling peace in the home
  • The simple framework for creating simple and sustainable rhythms
  • What an effective weekly planning rhythm looks like
  • How to make your planning rhythm fit into our current season

About the guest Sarah Dalton

Sarah Dalton is the founder of Your Simply Big Life, an online community that empowers women to step out of overwhelm and take ownership of their day. Her mission is to help busy moms make the most of their time and energy so that they can go after their big goals and be present for their family.
Sarah is the creator of the Peace and Productivity Planner as well as her online course Peace and Productivity Foundations, which help moms to gain clarity around their priorities, design rhythms, and learn how to stay focused throughout the day so that they can get things done, have time for themselves, and enjoy the life they are creating.
Sarah is also the host of The Peace and Productivity podcast where she has weekly conversations with like-minded women, in addition to weekly solo episodes where she offers inspiration on all things time management, productivity and living an intentional life.

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