Top 10 mealtime tips from planned, prepped, and productive podcast

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Well friends it’s been 100 episodes! Let’s take a trip down memory lane with the top 10 mealtime tips from the last 100 episodes of the planned, prepped, and productive podcast

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Hello everyone and welcome to the podcast today, this is episode 100! 

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I still remember recording that first podcast 2 1/2 years ago, my husband helped and told me how robotic I sounded.  I tried so hard to make it better, but those first few episodes are still sort of painful to listen to…(although the content was still good, it was just my presence that was lacking…) 

I’m so glad you’ve stuck with me for those episodes and wanted to make this episode a special treat (don’t worry, it will still be a treat even if you are a new listener.  Maybe even more so)

Today we’re going to go over my 10 favorite mealtime tips from the past 100 episodes of the podcast.  Originally I was going to pull quotes and audio directly from old podcasts, but that seemed like way too much work, besides that I say things over and over in lots of different episodes, so I thought instead I would just compile those things that I’m teaching over and over again that will be transformational to your family dinners.  

Top 10 mealtime tips from the planned, prepped, and productive podcast

  1. Meal prep isn’t just for dieting (and there’s lots of different types) -Meal prep is a tool to save your sanity, and while it can also help you maintain a specific diet it’s about so much more than that! You also don’t have to stick to matchy matchy containers of chicken and broccoli, anything you can cook you can meal prep to save your sanity!
  2. The key to mastering family mealtime is to make meal planning and meal prep a habit, slowly over time-Habits are so underrated, and while more time-consuming than big goals, they are easier to create and stick to if you have the patience and perserverance to stick it out!
  3. Use paper recipes and don’t let your phone in the kitchen-This is my biggest productivity tip in the kitchen.  you say you’re using your phone to cook, but really you’re shopping that cute new swimsuit online, don’t let the distraction kill your productivity and frustrate you.  Paper recipes for the win!
  4. Leftovers aren’t the enemy, in fact when managed properly they can save you loads of time in the kitchen-Don’t dread leftovers, plan for them and plan them into your life, learn to repurpose them, and watch how much easier meal prep becomes when you are using everything instead of wasting things!
  5. Small changes add up to big results-No change is too small, check out the episodes above about habits for more!
  6. Ditch all-or-nothing thinking, some is always better than none-All or nothing thinking is the enemy of success in the kitchen (and tbh in most aspects of mom life) don’t be a victim to it.  Make this your mantra.  Some is ALWAYS better than none.
  7. You choose what and when, your kids choose if and how much-This comes from Ellyn Satter and this advice is gold.  If you can stop defining your success by whether or not your kids (or ahem your spouse) likes what you cook, you will already feel so much more effective in the kitchen.
  8. There is no “perfect meal” and simple, balanced meals are just as effective nutritionally as elaborate meals-Learn to plan balanced meals and your mealtimes will transform.  No need for it to be fancy, just balanced.  ..and eggs, toast, and avocado is pretty freakin’ balanced.  Seriously let go of some stress.
  9. Life planning always comes before meal planning-If you’re going to be home for 20 minutes tonight but your meal takes an hour, it’s not going to happen.  It sounds obvious, but many people don’t consider their plans before planning their meals.  Plan for the crazy and watch how at least the dinnertime crazy starts to dissipate.
  10. Intentionalism will make you so much more successful in the kitchen-don’t let life, cooking, meals, or anything just happen to you.  Choose the life you want, and the mealtimes you want with intention and you will feel so much more at peace.

Which of these mealtime tips resonates most with you?

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