Kitchen Organization with Longbourn Farm

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If cooking and meal planning feels super overwhelming to you, you might want to take a look at your kitchen organization.  Alli Kelley of Longbourn Farm shares how getting your kitchen organized can help make meal planning and meal prep feel do-able and manageable! Check out our interview to get your kitchen in tip-top shape! 

I’m so excited to welcome my special guest to the podcast, Alli Kelley of Longbourn Farm. 

Kitchen Organization with Longbourn Farm

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Alli is the creator of Longbourn Farm where she shares simple homemade recipes. She believes that family meals create special moments and those moments become treasured memories. In addition to tried-and-true kitchen favorites, she shares practical farm and garden tips for the hobby farmer or avid gardener.

Feel like you can't get dinner on the table? A little kitchen organization might be just what your kitchen needs to feel like dinner is do-able.

In this episode of the podcast we’re chatting all about kitchen organization and how mastering kitchen organization can help you put homemade meals on the table more often, without stress.

Alli also announces her new cookbook (available now!) full of homestyle slow cooker recipes (so naturally we had to throw some slow cooker tips in as well!)

Inside this episode you’ll find:

>What keeps most moms from cooking more often
>Why kitchen organization is the answer you didn’t know you were looking for
>The top 3 ways to get organized in your kitchen right now
>How to utilize your slow cooker without settling for bland, mushy meals

Learn more about Alli and check out her resources here!

At this link Alli offers:

-Cooking at home course
-The ultimate guide to keeping chickens
-Garden consulting
-Blog consulting

And remember, you can get her cookbook here! 

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