Bridget Kate 5 months

I can't believe my baby girl is 5 months already! Because we are getting ready for our BIG MOVE for Kyle to attend Dental school, I decided to do something…


Bridget Kate 2 Months

Started smiling consistently around 5 weeks, started smiling socially around 8 weeks Can hold up head while being held in a sitting position on lap Can occasionally roll to her…

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Me and Bridget Kate.  Sad Kyle had to be in North Carolina for the holiday :( I am a little late but I have so many thoughts this Easter Season.…


Bridget Kate 1 month baby girl is getting so big...and she's a handful so I'm just barely getting to photos from just after she was born.  Above she is 4 weeks (except the…


Bridget Kate

Well I've been pretty much missing to the world since February 7 due to the arrival of our sweet, perfect, beautiful, baby girl! (*Note: Pinterest pictures of girls with perfect…

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There's been a change in me-- A kind of moving on-- Though what I used to be, I still depend upon. For now I realize That good can come from…

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