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I now interrupt your regularly scheduled food blog for the introduction of the newest member of the Spackman Family.  If you’re just here for the food, skip this post and I promise I will bring you something delicious by the end of the week.  I hope you will indulge me a little and look at at least SOME of the bajillion photos of tiny fingers, toes, and squishiness that I am going to post here. Will you oblige?
Thomas Hospital-4535-2

Thomas Rex Spackman entered the world almost two weeks early on December 30, 2016 at 7:07 a.m. weighing 7 lb 12 oz.  Yes he was a BIG boy, hallelujah he didn’t come any later because getting him out was a doozy, lemme tell ya.   

Thomas Hospital-4534-2

He has light brown hair, dark grey eyes, and a dimple on the left side to match his big sister’s. We still have no idea where the dimples came from as neither of us have them! He looks a lot like his big sister did when she was born (see here to see if you agree).  We may be one of those couples that has little clone babies which is pretty strange given how different we look from each other. 

Favorite Thomas First Month-171

Bridget loves her baby brother and has affectionately nicknamed him “Ponna” (she struggles with Ts, learning to talk is tough business). That nickname has stuck for pretty much the whole family and may be one he has to deal with his whole life.  Sorry Ponna. 

Favorite Thomas First Month-154

Speaking of nicknames.  Yes, we realized his initials would be T-Rex.  Yes, I let my husband do that, and yes I am (mostly) okay with it ;).  Thomas is my maiden name and I liked the idea of passing it along to one of my children since I gave it up with marriage.  Rex is Kyle’s middle name, and his paternal grandfather’s name as well.  So the the meaning behind his name made the quirky nickname okay.  Hopefully he doesn’t hate us.  Kyle always wished his name was Travis (his brother’s name) so he could have been named T-rex.  Hopefully Thomas feels the same.

Favorite Thomas First Month-145

The one way Thomas does not resemble his sister are in those voluptuous cheeks.  Seriously, check those babies out.  I know where all those Christmas cookies I ate went, and thankfully it wasn’t on me! 

Favorite Thomas First Month-103

Thomas also does not seem to resemble his sister in demeanor.  He is still very young and we can’t tell too much personality yet, but so far I would describe him as pretty easy-going.  And he actually sleeps.  He usually gives us one 3 1/2 hour stretch each night.  His sister gave us about 10 45 minute stretches each night so we are enjoying it while it lasts (and hoping it stretches out even more). 

Favorite Thomas First Month-93

Life with a newborn is pretty much how you’d expect.  Bridget is a challenge, she suddenly needs to be held all the time and has decided to resume sucking on (all of Thomas’s) binkies. 

Favorite Thomas First Month-84

I feel some level of Mom guilt as I try to figure out how to balance my daily responsibilities with giving two children ample love and attention, but overall I am one happy and tired Momma. 

Favorite Thomas First Month-75
Welcome to the World Sweet Boy! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you! 

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