Sharing Family Responsibilities: Finding peace and balance at home


Sharing family responsibilities, the chores, the childcare, the cooking can be a huge source of contention in the home.

While we don’t claim to be experts, my (kind and willing) husband and I are talking about how our expectations and roles have shifted through the years and how we manage responsibilities in our home. 

Dad helping kids in kitchen with text overlay how to share family responsibilities

Sharing family responsibilities: Finding peace and balance at home

Inside this episode you’ll find: 

  • What both my husband and my expectations were for how responsibilities would be shared in the home
  • How our pre-conceived ideas and gender expectations affected our beliefs about how responsibilities should be shared and how we’re changing those expectations with experience. 
  • The philosophy we use in our home to share roles in a way that both of us feel good about
  • The things we do as wives and mothers that turn our spouses off from wanting to help more
  • Why gratitude and thankfulness is important (even though the jobs belong to both spouses)
  • The mindset that helped me find more peace and acceptance in my cho
    sen role as a wife and a mother (that also helped me kick resentment). 

Meet my guest (and husband)


Photo of Kyle Spackman with text overlay sharing family roles and responsibilities


There was no one better to talk about sharing family responsibilities with than my husband. 

Kyle Spackman is a dentist in beautiful Cache Valley Utah, but he spends more than a little bit of his time thinking about, playing, and talking about board games. 

Together, we’ve shared 10 years of marriage, several homes in two states, and 3 children. 

You can find more from him on his board game website bitewing games. 

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