Vegan Meal Planning and Meal Prep with Brigitte Gemme

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Meal Planning and meal prep can be hard enough, but for vegan families it seems impossible.  Find out how you can use meal planning and meal prep in your favor to take the stress out of dinnertime with our expert vegan meal planning and meal prep expert Brigitte! 

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This week’s guest on the podcast is all about meal planning and meal prep…vegan style! 

She approached me to see if she thought my audience would be interested in learning more about vegan cooking, and I thought of course they would (I know I was excited to learn more!)

Vegan Cooking

Brigitte Gemme is the Chief Meal Planner and founder at She is passionate about how the simple (and often hated!) question “What’s for dinner?” connects us to the health of our families, communities, and planet. Brigitte was born on a farm near Montreal (Canada) and became passionate about reducing our environmental footprint. After moving to the West Coast and becoming a mother, she decided to adopt a fully plant-based diet. In 2015, she left her career as a research manager in academia to become a vegan food educator. She uses her free challenges and vegan meal plan subscription service to teach beginners the art of meal planning and batch cooking, so that busy people and families can enjoy more plant-based meals without the headdaches.

During this episode of the podcast we’ll cover loads of exciting topics about vegan cooking including: 

  • Meal prepping veggies and preserving them so they taste great whenever you get to them
  • How to ease family members in who are hesitant about plant-based eating (in a way that they love)
  • Managing multiple types of eaters without making several different meals each night. 
  • Techniques to ease into a more plant-based lifestyle

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